Research in Engineering and Aviation

Seven Steps to Successful Continuous Improvement of a Program

June 2008

Author(s): Karunamoorthy, S.

American Society of Engineering Education Conference, June 22-25, 2008, Pittsburgh, PA.


The accrediting commissions of Applied Science, Computing, Engineering, and Technology (ASCET) are moving towards a set of harmonized criteria with identical numbering and category names.  This process leads to a framework for ABET in organizing the categories of criteria across the commissions of ASCET.  Individual commissions define their criteria (or create their image) within that frame.  Similarly, the educational institutions in the nation also need a framework to prepare for ABET accreditation.  An emphasis is given in this paper to provide a guidance for “how to” in creating a typical frame around the picture (self-study materials) while each program can decide on “what to put” in creating the picture.  Also, a framework for displaying the course materials and documentation for continuous improvement of a program are discussed in this paper.  These steps would serve as a viable guideline to the preparation for ABET accreditation as well as successful continuous improvement of a program. 

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