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The behavior of statically-indeterminate structural members and frames with cracks present

August 2009

Author(s):  Paris, P.C., and Palin-Luc, T.

Journal:  Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Volume 76, Issue 12, August 2009, pp. 1920-1929, ISSN 0013-7944, DOI: 10.1016/j.engfracmech.2009.05.001


Crack stability is discussed as affected by their presence in statically-indeterminate beams, frames, rings, etc. loaded into the plastic range. The stability of a crack in a section, which has become plastic, is analyzed with the remainder of the structure elastic and with subsequent additional plastic hinges occurring. The reduction of energy absorption characteristics for large deformations is also discussed. The methods of elastic–plastic tearing instability are incorporated to show that in many cases the fully plastic collapse mechanism must occur for complete failure.