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Thin-Zone TAP Reactor as a Basis of “State-by-State Transient Screening

November/December 2004

Author(s): Shekhtman, S., Yablonsky, G., Gleaves, J.T., Fushimi, R.

Journal: Chemical Engineering Science, 59: pp. 5493-5500. DOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2004.09.015


Thin-zone TAP reactor is presented as a basis of the new state-by-state transient screening approach which has been proposed by the authors for non-steady-state kinetic characterization of industrial catalysts. The general thin-zone TAP reactor model is described, and its mathematical status is justified analytically. It is shown that this model provides high enough accuracy to be applicable in the wide conversion interval (up to 90%), which is an important advantage of this approach compared with the traditional differential reactor.