Student Research at Parks College

Parks College undergrads are given the chance to work with aviation and engineering professors on research that furthers their industry of interest.

At Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, students enrolled in our undergraduate engineering programs and aviation studies have the opportunity to team up with professors in order to gets hands-on experience applying the concepts they have been learning in the classroom.


Given that most opportunities to participate in academic research are reserved for graduate students at other universities, enrolling in SLU’s Parks College can be a huge benefit for those looking to participate in innovative work that is often featured in industry publications.

Collaborative Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE)

The Collaborative Undergraduate Research Experience allows students to study specific topics of interest under the direction of a faculty member, while receiving a stipend. The program is an excellent research opportunity for current students with ambitions to continue their educational experience and further career in research. Learn more about the CURE Program. Students and their faculty mentor will work together to build a proposal and, if approved, a project that spans 2-3 semesters.

Graduate Student Research

Our graduate students conduct innovative research inside and outside the classroom. Graduate level coursework involves hands on experiences that enable our students to put their knowledge into practice. Students conducting thesis and dissertation research are building projects that often have immediate and practical real-life applications. You can see what our graduate students are doing here.