Student Research at Parks College

Parks College undergrads are given the chance to work with aviation and engineering professors on research that furthers their industry of interest.

At Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, students enrolled in our undergraduate engineering programs and aviation studies have the opportunity to team up with professors in order to gets hands-on experience applying the concepts they have been learning in the classroom.


Given that most opportunities to participate in academic research are reserved for graduate students at other universities, enrolling in SLU’s Parks College can be a huge benefit for those looking to participate in innovative work that is often featured in industry publications.

Aviation Research Opportunities at the CASR

The Center for Aviation Safety and Research (CASR) is a federally funded research center that is an critical player in making the airline industry safer nationwide. Students pursuing an aviation degree at Parks College can become involved at the CASR and in turn, will be helping further airplane safety and aiding in industry-leading research projects.

This undergrad research exposure is so important because it puts aviation undergrads directly into a facility that is critical to every business and organization involved in air travel, meaning they will get the opportunities to not only master aviation concepts, but also build personal connections within the industry.

Engineering Research Opportunities

Similar hands-on research opportunities are available to the engineering students at Parks College as well. With a dedicated staff of professors who advance research in everything from electrical engineering, to civil engineering, there are plenty of ongoing studies that align with any engineering major. This focus on developing research skills allows engineering graduates from Parks College to be ahead of the pack when entering grad school or take well-developed skills right into the workplace.

sure-thumbSummer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience allows students to study specific topics of their interest under the direction of a faculty member, while receiving a stipend. The program is an excellent research opportunity for current students with over 30 research topics to choose from. Learn more about the SURE Program.


Apply to Parks College for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

If you’re interested in taking an active role in research being done in aviation or engineering while working on an undergraduate degree, Parks College is the place for you. Apply online today to get started.